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Meal & Rest Breaks
We can analyze large data sets to determine the quantity of meal and rest break violations.
Improperly rounding time by just a few minutes can quickly add up.
CA PAGA Claims
Since the regulation change, there has been a shift in the employment landscape regarding PAGA cases.
Regular Rate of Pay
If there is a discrepancy in an employee's usual pay rate, we can calculate the difference.
Overtime Violations
Incorrectly accounted overtime hours worked can lead to violations for employers.
Vacation Time
Improper use or application of PTO can create pay disparities.
Waiting Time Penalties
Final wages must be paid within a specified period of time, or else penalties occur.
Bonus or Commission Underpayment
Bonuses and commission structures are not always subject to the same rules as hourly or salary pay.

How it works

04 Steps

01. Discovery
Identify and quantify potential wage and hour violations.
02. Analysis
Analyze data to infer hours worked, examine meal and rest break activity, conduct reconciliations between timekeeping and payroll systems.
03. Calculation
Calculate regular rate of pay and overtime adjustments.
04. Verification
Verify testmiony offered by class members at deposition or trial.
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10years' experience

When it comes to wage and hour lawsuits, minor miscalculations can create dramatic differences in total damages awarded. Time tracking mistakes are inevitable, regardless of method used, though many can be tricky to caclculate. That's where we come in. Even for companies using advanced HRIS software, a more detailed analysis can determine whether there are patterns pointing to areas of non-compliance, which are valuable in assessing liability and maintaining ongoing compliance.
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With years of experience in both technology and employment law, our team's unique skill set combines data anlysis with legal insight.
At Codici, we're not just a software company - we're advocates for accuracy, champions of justice, and partners in your legal journey. We specialize in analyzing labor data for legal matters, enabling both attorneys and employers to navigate the complexities of these cases with confidence and precision.

What our clients have to say

Abbie Ferguson, J.D.
Attorney, Employment Law
Our client presented us with boxes of handwritten time sheets. The team at Codici was able to scan and add up the data in just days, instead of months, without the risk of human error.
Monica Blews
Business Owner
My company was being investigated for a wage and hour suit. With Codici's help, we were able to provide evidence that our employees were given adequate rest breaks.

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